About us

To give our customers a real feeling and understanding about our beautiful fjords and nature that was the main reason i started my company back then in 2009.

Målsnes fjordopplevingar was at that time the most suitable name as a start. After a couple of years the company get bigger, our tours become more and more popular.
Now-days we have several ones to different destinations and at different levels and duration. Also the name has changed into Balestrand fjord adventure.

We operate with to boats on a daily basis from Balestrand centre at he Kai.
Our boats are a Tornado HighPerfomance 9,5 and a Humber offshore, both with 2*300 hp Yamaha engines. The boats are designed to give you a comfortable ride, even in rough sea.

We aim to give our costumers the best experience on the fjord as possible. Therefore we set safety highly and safety instructions will be given before the trip starts.
We operate with local captains, well trained and with great knowledge about our fjords, wildlife and history.

We always try to customize the trip to all individual wishes about speed route and stops on the way for photos.

We hope to welcome you on board on one of our trips!

Lars Arne Målsnes, Balestrand fjord adventures